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Q: What are Decibullz?

A: Decibullz are do-it-yourself custom-molded earpieces for earplugs, earphones, and more. Decibullz are easily molded by you to the unique shape of your ears.

Q: How do Decibullz work?

A: Molding Decibullz is easy. Simply heat the molds in a cup of hot water and shape them to your ears. That’s it! The Decibullz earpieces can also be re-molded as many times as needed to get the perfect fit.

Q: If I mess up the first time molding my Decibullz can I try again?

A: Yes! Decibullz are the only earphones in the world that are re-moldable. You can keep molding them until you get the perfect fit.

Q: Will Decibullz work if I have small ears?

A: Yes. However for very small ears we recommend using scissors to cut off some of the molding material.

Q: Do Decibullz have a warranty?

A: Yes. Decibullz Earphones, Earplugs and Adapters come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers all manufacturer defects.

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