Resolution - 640 x 512 12μm
Working Band - 8-14 14μm
Field of Angle - 12.5 x 9.4
Display Resolution - 1600 x 1200 OLED
Eye Relief - 20mm
Magnification - 1x 8x
Smooth Scaling - Yes
Trajectory Solution - Yes
WiFi - IOS & Android
3D Gyroscope - Yes
3D Accelerometer - Yes
Microphone - Yes
Built in Storage - 32GB
Palette Colors - 9
Scene Mode - Enhanced, Natural, Highlighted
Hotspot Tracking - Hotspot Tracking Indication
Compensation Mode - Automatic Shutter/Manual Scene
Power Supply - USB-C
Battery Life - 4 Hours
Mounting - Picatinny
Working Temp. - -4F x 131F
IP Level - IP67
Dimensions - 198.2mm x 64mm x 78.8mm
Weight - 764g / 27oz
Warranty - 3 Years


The Incendis Pro Thermal Rifle Optic is a feature packed power house. Our goal was to put an industry disrupting thermal into the market with a price tag that is more palatable than our main competitors. The Incendis Pro has 640 core resolution which delivers improved clarity, more powerful zoom capability, and a 1000 meter target identification range. We added several new color pallets, giving the Incendis Pro a whopping nine pallet options paired with four different reticles that will display in three different colors. The Incendis Pro has an external 5000 milliamp battery with a five hour run time and records HD video. The onboard wifi allows the Incendis Pro to link to our app and provide the user with a variety of viewing options. The QD mount gives the Incendis Pro the same versatility as its predecessor: standalone optic, hand held mode, or mounted forward of a red dot or traditional optic. The Accufire Incendis Pro Thermal Rifle Optic: a next level thermal designed with the apex predator in mind.

Accufire Technology
Accufire Technology